Option Greeks

Gamma of an option definition
Gamma: If Delta is the amount of change that the option will experience in response to a change in the underlying asset price, then Gamma is the amount you can expect Delta to change over time.

Gamma increases as options near the point where the price of the options and the price of the underlying asset overlap and will decrease even further below the strike price as the price of the underlying asset drops.

The larger the Gamma, the larger the risk, but also the larger the return.

The payoff of a put option at expiration
Gamma is also likely to spike as the option in question reaches its expiration date. This can be taken a step further with the Gamma of the Gamma which considers the rate the rate the Delta changes at. For example, if a stock is trading at about $50 and a related option is currently going for $2. If it has a delta of .4 as well as a gamma of .1, then, if the stock increase by $1 then the delta will see an increase of 10 percent which the Gamma amount is also.

If volatility is low, then gamma is high when the option in question is above its strike price and low when it is below it.

Gamma tends to stabilize when volatility is high and decrease when it is low.
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