Call option profit calculation

How to calculate Tesla 700 call profit/loss
Calculating P&L Tesla 700 call 29 days to expiration
Let's assume you decided to buy Tesla Long Call.

How to calculate the possible outcomes (profit/loss)?

Case study:
TSLA (Tesla) Long Call 670 strike, 29 DTE (days to expiration)
Premium - $87.21, one option contract usually consists of 100 shares, so the total premium is 100*$87.21= $8721
Purchasing a call is one of the most basic trading strategies and is suitable when sentiment is strongly bullish.
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As you can see on the chart maximum profit is potentially unlimited and the maximum loss is $8721 (the premium you pay).

Tesla call profit calculation
P&L chart
Tesla call profit chart
As you can see the breakeven point is straight on the 757.21 stock price, which means all stock prices below 757.21will lead you to a loss.
On the other hand, the higher the stock price climbs the higher outcome you'll get. For example at Tesla's stock price of $927, you get a significant profit of $1704.

Now you need to make research and answer questions:
1. Is it real that the stock price goes up from $695 to $927 in one month?
2. Is it fit your trading style to lose $8721 in the worst case?

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